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The Fishery

Somersets Decoy Pool is a rich spring fed lake of approximately 5 acres. The Lake is managed as a private lightly stocked English bread King Carp amenity fishing lake, project centre, promoting nature conservation and a place to spend quality time with all the family. The lake contains Perch, Rudd, and Pike along with the main residents in the lake, one hundred and seventy hand picked premier Mirror Carp of three year groups,  weighing from ten pounds up to twenty pounds and, six common carp over twenty pounds and growing fast, with two known fish that could reach thirty pounds by the end of the year! not forgetting one special common called Hardy which may surprise. The lake was stocked, with all the relevant paper work, by two of the countries most respected breeders Viv and Simon at VS Fisheries and Mr Gratwick and Tom Downing second generation fish breeders at Priory Fisheries, Devon. With reports of their fish reaching up to and over 50 lb.            








The lake was drained in 2012 plans with full consent were passed to restore and to create an amenity fishing lake promoting nature conservation. Clay was excavated to a good depth from the centre of the entire lake and worked forming its two islands and clay bars creating plenty of features to fish to. With depths ranging from six feet down to eleven feet. All the banks have been lined with six meters of clay  up against the existing peat banks, hydrology isolating the lake. 

There is a choice of 9 swims, singles and doubles, gently sloping to the waters edge. The lake was left to fill naturally along with reeds, ball rush and Lilly pads. Willow, Alder and Silver Birch trees have been planted along the waters edge. 

The water quality is excellent and maintains good levels in all seasons, Its boundary lined ancient Oak, mature Silver Birch and Scots Pine Woods makes Decoy Pool a truly magical place.


The Lake has good access from the main road via a five hundred metre Oak lined Drove, leading off to a private gated stone track also arched with Oak, Silver Birch, Willow and Alder trees. The private track after a few hundred yards opens up on to a 30 acre meadow along with the lakes. Entry takes you through the main gated entrance in to the secured stoned parking area, with ample parking for five cars or a few cars and a large caravan if you wish. The lake benefits from the erection of x-knot fencing around the entire perimeter boundary. A facilities building foundation has been put in place with outline planning to erect a  6m x 6m timber whole log style Nature lodge / wildlife bird watching hide. There is currently a small cabin to keep you dry on any rainy days, installed with an off grid solar panel electrical inverter system supplying 240v electricity, along with stored fresh water for making refreshments, If needed there is a porter loo in car park. This is also an ideal holiday base for the South West. There are two pubs one serving good food and a small tea room and shop all within a mile or so from the lake.

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